BBLens 隱形眼鏡線上訂,好方便、好優惠!

Online ordering of BBLens contact lenses is very convenient and offers great discounts!


Want contact lenses delivered to home? The BBLens blind eye delivery ( ) platform has the most complete 20 brands, member prices, regular delivery, and peace of mind service. If you are a blind eye user, we invite you to enjoy it together and choose cutting-edge optometry as a pick-up store .

▋BBLens Brand Story

What BBLens wants to do is very simple, which is to realize the aspirations of the hidden-eyed people.

Because the members of the BBLens team are blind eye users themselves and have knowledge of optometry background. After combining their own experience and investigating the problems of everyone’s choice of blind eye, it is found that a large proportion of people have encountered: too much Busy and no time to buy, often unable to buy the items you want, only to find out when they are almost used up, comparing prices and finding activities is troublesome... and other troubles, which give the platform a general direction to work hard.

In addition, Taiwan is one of the countries with the highest density of optical glasses, and optical shops in each region have rich knowledge and practical experience in optometry. If the BBLens platform can be combined with professional stores, it will not only reassure consumers, but also Is it a good opportunity to grow together with the store owner? It is not an easy task to bring together high-quality optical shops in Taiwan to provide high-quality optical services. But even if the process is full of difficulties and setbacks, as long as we think that each of these stores will be integrated into a large platform, in the future consumers will enjoy the convenience of the platform while also experiencing a humane and professional optical store, which gives us the motivation to continue go ahead.

With limited capabilities, I look forward to doing my best to make consumers experience better. Now the BBLens platform is online, enjoy this service together!

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