CHANGE 兒童鏡框。安全第一,以愛出發。

CHANGE Children's frame. Safety first, start with love.

The CHANGE Baby series is suitable for children aged 4 to 12. It adopts patented magnetic suction and brim buckle design with 360-degree seamlessness, and the front hanger is closely attached to the frame. The medical-grade silicone anti-allergic nose pads are specially designed for children whose facial features have not yet been finalized, so that children can directly feel the fit of the glasses and the nose pads when wearing them. It is non-slip, breathable, and pressure-relieving, making the nose more comfortable. No matter running, jumping, walking or exercising and various outdoor activities, it is comfortable and safe, and it is not easy to fall off or break.

child safety frame material

The frames and temples are made of 100% "TR-90" elastic and safe materials from Switzerland, and hypoallergenic and safety are the first considerations! The light weight can reduce the burden on children's nose bridge, and effectively prevent eye damage caused by impact during sports to ensure safety, providing you with a safe and comfortable wearing experience.

bright and colorful

In the production process of the frame, the color transfer technology makes the colors bright and diverse. It is safe and releases no chemical residues, meets European requirements for food-grade materials, and is also effective in anti-allergic, suitable for people with facial skin allergies.

Dedicated medical grade nose pads

The "medical-grade silicone anti-allergic nose pads" designed for children whose facial features have not yet been finalized, has undergone two injection moldings to achieve our insistence on quality, so that children can directly feel the fit of glasses and nose pads when wearing them , will not have the heavy and inconsistent feeling of glasses, non-slip, breathable, and pressure-free, making the nose more comfortable.

"Hidden Front Hanging" Functional Lens

Whether indoor or outdoor, day or night, in order to protect your eyes under different light sources, we provide anti-UV polarized lenses, bright multi-colored mercury lenses, stylish gradient lenses, anti-blue light and anti-glare lenses for you Free to choose collocation.

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