SUMS ACE 世界上最舒服的膠框眼鏡|預約享優惠

SUMS ACE The most comfortable plastic frame glasses in the world|Reserve to enjoy discounts

The sunken nose bridge is red and swollen, the eyes are confused and out of focus, and the inexplicable headache is unbearable. These problems may be caused by glasses that are not comfortable enough. Ordinary glasses put all the weight on the bridge of the nose, causing the above-mentioned problems. After a long time, it will compress the nerves and affect health.
SUMS Eyewear Taiwan is committed to creating the most comfortable glasses in the #world .
The new "SUMS ACE Collection Titanium Composite Plastic Frame Series" uses SUMS exclusive comfortable design. Balance the front and rear weight, reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose, wearing glasses is no longer a burden.

✔️ There are three frame types and four colors to choose from.
▍Quickly learn about the 3 exclusive comforts of SUMS #体感科技
👃 #Patent material Bubble Pad™ Bubble nose pad 👃
Based on the hollow design of the air cushion of sneakers, it can softly fit the nose shape, comfortable and non-slip. It is made of medical silicone material, which is oil, stain and discoloration resistant.
⚖ #World's first Balance Capsual™ balance capsule ⚖
The center of gravity of ordinary glasses is on the bridge of the nose, but the balance capsule can distribute the weight of the whole pair of glasses evenly from the bridge of the nose, the sides of the head, and the ears.
👌 #Design patented titanium elastic S-shaped hinge 👌
Using the top memory metal material in the glasses industry, coupled with a specially designed S-shaped elastic structure, this pair of glasses "does not clamp" but gently rests on your ears.
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