Collection: Bausch & Lomb

The contact lens products currently sold by Bausch & Lomb Taiwan include clear lenses, colored lenses, and contact lens care products. Among them, transparent lenses include products with different wearing cycles, such as daily disposables, biweekly disposables, and silicone hydrogel monthly disposables.

At the same time, there are also professional products for astigmatism and presbyopia, among which the representative products are daily disposable contact lenses for astigmatism and daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopia; the representative products of the color lens series are lace dazzle series .

Contact lens care products also have a rich product line to meet the needs of different consumers, including care liquid and moisturizing liquid products, among which representative products include Ruilin, Shushineng multi-functional maintenance liquid, Shushineng moisturizing lotion, etc.

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