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Drip Coffee Tasting Event

Yongyuan Store: 2023.1.7; 13:00~18:00
Cultural store: 2023.1.8; 13:00~18:00
Mansion Store: 2023.1.14; 13:00~18:00
Anping Store: 2023.1.15; 13:00~18:00

* Arrive at the store during the non-mentioned hours, you can still receive a set of filter coffee pods (valued at $129)

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let's have a cup of coffee and relax

Life should be enjoyed like this, have a cup of your favorite coffee and experience life easily. *Join the " Let's have a good cup of coffee " community to receive

Free set of filter coffee ($129 value)*

Filter hanging packaging, easy and convenient

Take it with you, brew it professionally, and enjoy delicious coffee without being restricted by location. It's that simple.

Easy to enjoy good coffee

Treat it with care and make it different

Different from the black honey processing method that is often heard, the passion honey method adopts a new drying method, through low-temperature drying production to strictly control humidity, temperature and air permeability, so that the pectin moisture content is suitable for the growth of natural yeast, allowing the natural yeast to have enough time to produce flavor Molecules, allowing the essence to penetrate into the coffee beans.

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Enjoy cutting-edge optics and drink coffee

Enjoy the feast brought by high-quality coffee for free. Here, let's chat about coffee and experience the aroma of coffee.

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About Barista Tim

With extensive research on coffee roasting plants and origins in various countries,Demeter Coffee Studio was established in 2014. Through careful roasting and careful selection, it presents the unique flavor of the origin and brings more wonderful experiences to coffee lovers.

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  • 2012 Taipei Latte Art Competition Final Four
  • 2018 World Cup Cup Tester Competition Taiwan Final Eight
  • 2018 CQI Q GRADER Arabica coffee quality appraiser
  • 2019 CQI Q Processing Level 1 : Generalist
  • 2021 Light Baked Ruo Vegetable Food (Michelin two-star restaurant) Designated baker
  • 2022 Observer of Taiwan Coffee Industry Alliance