Optometry experience

Start with an interview-style consultation to understand your age, medical history, purpose of using glasses/contact lenses, nature of life and work, and then check the uncorrected vision through the eye chart (check with old glasses), and fully automatic computer optometry machine or retinoscopy The mirror obtains preliminary diopter data, and starts a series of optometry steps. The detailed and professional 15 optometry procedures are provided for reference as follows:

1. Counseling (visual needs, medical history)
2. Old degree records
3. Naked view records (near and far)
4. Vision with old glasses (far and near)
5. Objective refraction test (AUTO/RET)
6. The first monocular MPMVA (monocular best corrected visual acuity)
7. Cross cylindrical mirror (accurate axis position, accurate degree)
8. Astigmatism bell chart confirmation
9. Second Monocular MPMVA (Second Monocular Best Visual Acuity)
10. Change the left eye and repeat steps 6~10
12. Eye test
13. MPMVA in both eyes (best corrected visual acuity in both eyes)
14. Near vision measurement
15. Binocular function test (NRA PRA ~ VON Graefe ~ Worth 4 Dot ~ Pola Test)