Glasses online health check, done in 3 minutes!

Fill out the form below in 3 minutes, and an optometrist will contact you online to initially assess your wearing problems and provide you with free consultation. And according to the situation, arrange a detailed inspection with you at the physical store:

If you make an appointment for on-site health examination, the following questions provide detailed reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your glasses health check?

A: Glasses health checkup includes the following services:

(1) Preliminary inspection of spectacle frames

As small as frame screw slipping, paint peeling, as large as lens scratches, film peeling, etc., we will explain to you the condition of your glasses one by one, the usability of your beloved frame, whether there is a chance of repair, and the current Possibility of lens damage affecting vision...and more, you know it all!

(2) Fine adjustment of spectacle frames

In addition to the intractable diseases such as loose~tight~high~low~, it is not difficult for us; referring to the positioning of the lens locator and your actual wearing situation to make the most suitable eye position correction for you is a standardized process of cutting-edge optometry.

(3) Anti-fog cleaning of spectacle frames

Finally, the deep cleaning and disinfection SOP will certainly not be missing~ What’s even better is that the lens anti-fog treatment in cooperation with ZEISS will be done for your glasses. It’s as simple as enjoying zero fog all day without wearing a mask.

(4) Spectacle frame professional health education

If you or your children have any questions about eyeglass maintenance, we will also give you professional and careful health education!

Is there a fee?

The health check itself does not require any fees at all (if you agree to repair, you will receive express delivery and wages depending on the situation), if you like the service of our store staff, please give him an encouragement on the platform~

Need an appointment?

Due to the epidemic situation, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance. If you just pass by or forget to make an appointment, and if there is no business on site, the optometrist will serve you immediately. If there is business, please wait a little longer.

How long will it take?

With the complete process and communication between the two parties, the glasses health check can be completed in about 15 to 30 minutes!

Besides, what good do I have?

After your spectacle frame is evaluated and found to be reasonable and usable, the optometrist will give you a super-value exclusive lens discount based on your degree, frame design, lens type, etc. Make reservations first, no pressure at all.